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New to Forex trading? or are you struggling as a trader trying to gain profits or retain them? The real reason to build up this website was to give newbie traders and struggling traders a look into Forex trading and possibly give you a much better insight. My hope is that this becomes a platform of learning and discussion for traders who are new and experienced as well, I feel trading in a group and having someone to discuss ideas is an advantage, there may be someone else, who has a different perspective of the same currency pair in a different direction and it may be something you overlooked.  Here, we will be discussing every possible aspect related to trading, be it risk:reward, charts, fundamentals, technical’s and a lot more.

I will begin by sharing my thought processes related to certain currency pairs and my trade ideas and then go on adding more to the site with the input I receive from site users. Though I have been trading Forex for a while, there’s always something new this market can teach you. It is also very important to understand that Forex is risky, and there are losses as well. It’s better to be mentally prepared for them. I will later also be writing about risk:reward and how it helps you in the long run.

That is all for now. More in my next post.

Learning FX

The idea is to basically help out others trade and understand the foreign exchange market with more ease. My articles and trade ideas are based on my experience and are for educational purposes only. You can follow our updates on twitter

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