GER30 DAX Possible Long Trade

Just loaded up a new trade idea. I haven’t been posting much because really not seeing much follow through on anything almost in the market. The only good trades I’ve done in the past few days were with the kiwi (NZD dollar) on the short side. Other than that its just been a crazy month with a lot of choppy action.

This trade idea on the DAX Index or the GER30 is very risky and I am being very patient on the entry. I could have entered at the previous trend line but was still seeing a lot of selling pressure. I haven’t set a stop loss per say but I think I’ll be risking 100-150 points on this trade but not more. The index seems to be in free fall at the moment. Will watch it even in buy area, would feel more comfortable to see some signs of life towards the upside before I even decide going long.

I will probably post on twitter if I do enter the trade, but the trade ideas right here.. if you like it feel free to share it with others.

Here’s the chart :

DAX GER30 Index possible long by LearningFX on

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